Our Team

Denapsis AI team

The expertise behind Denapsis AI

Having backgrounds in theoretical physics, communications technology, and software engineering, we have spent several decades in both industrial and academic research and development. We have mastered an array of diverse problems, such  as speech recognition, natural language dialogs, non-linear optimization, and process control. In doing so, we were using machine learning algorithms, dating back to a time before the term "Machine Learning" was even coined.

What sets us apart from "conventional" AI developers is our decades-long experience in biology and medicine: we are intimately familiar with the peculiarities of such data sets, where statistical noise, systematic biases, and the effects from natural population variation can often be stronger than the signal. And in some cases, it is not even clear what to look for. We have been there, we have done that, and are ready to apply our knowledge and expertise to our customer's data.   

Our philosophy

We enjoy challenges. And we are good in finding solutions. Most importantly, we want this world to be a better place for everyone, even if this means tackling one disease at a time. 

We believe that the fastest way to get there is through interdisciplinary projects. You, our customer, are the expert in your field, and you know exactly what you want to achieve. We provide the knowledge and tools for a technical solution for your problem.